Why We Need More Health And Safety Professionals


Since starting my career in the world of recruitment in 2007 I have worked across a variety of industries and projects. These range from high volume recruitment to technical and field management hiring within the utility industry, construction trades and engineers, professional services, temporary workers and right up to executive search. The one constant throughout all this time, however, is the ever-growing demand for Health and Safety Professionals. From speaking to hiring managers and clients the following are just some of the reasons for this growing demand. 

  • To protect a company’s most important asset, its people and ensure that workers go home to their loved ones safely each day.
  • The ever-increasing demands being placed on companies to be compliant with national and international environmental, health and safety standards and legislation.
  • The growing realisation that having strong EHS practices within your business boosts brand value as well as earning goodwill towards the company.
  • Having a strong track record of health and safety success as well as key accreditations is a massive component when a company is tendering for new projects.
  • A strong EHS record can reduce insurance premiums for business as well as mitigating against costly accidents. 
  • EHS as a career is a relatively young profession and there is simply not enough people studying at undergraduate level to meet demands particularly in Ireland and the UK.

In summary, EHS is now a vital component for a company hoping to secure a strong culture, reduce costs and grow their business. The profession is becoming more established and with it comes a massive opportunity for young people to build an exciting career in a burgeoning profession or for other professionals to retrain in the area.